Why Website Themes and Templates are Much Better Then Custom Web Design

Starting a business is hard. Thus why, many small business owners are on the lookout to find a complete and free website themes and solutions in order to get their business to the online market. As you know, being online in 2017 means that your business has higher chances to be more profitable.

Yet, many businessman don’t know if there is any difference between custom web design and website themes. Obviously, having a custom made website, instead of a template, is better and more expensive. However, sometimes you don’t really need a custom website and all you need is little to no knowledge in editing web themes for business websites.

Don’t miss the concept and think that there are no benefits if you use a pre-made theme for your website. It’s a myth. I`ll give you few reasons why website templates are good for you.


You can always find an amazing web theme that has the exact coloring and structure that you are after. Features as well. A simple YouTube tutorial will teach you how to edit the specifications and have your website tailored for your needs.


Website themes are made for the masses, they are moderately cheap or mostly – free. If you are on a low budget and ready to invest a day in the purpose of customizing a website theme, then this will save you a lot of money, and the end game is the same – your business website will be live for users and ready to serve them information.


Developing, or let’s say editing, a website theme means that you will be having the major part of the work and coding already done for you – all you need to do is edit and tailor the custom details and branding for your business.


Most of the available and maintained website templates nowadays are updated and are following the latest trends. What does it mean? This means that your theme will be optimized for search engines and is made on lightweight code and resources. Well, in most of the cases – but this is why you must choose wisely.


Obviously, developers that make free or freemium themes have to live out of their product and the theme they’ve created for websites. This is the reason why most of the free templates have a premium versions or allow you to pay a small extra in order to include some premium features for your website – and if this helps you scale your business, the cost is nothing.

On the other side, custom built websites can hold any features you have on your mind and that’s the only part they may be a better choice for your business.

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